Watch Your Mouth

It has been said and it is so true, you can’t take back the words you say to someone else no matter how bad you want to. Once it has passed over the tongue and teeth and travels through the airways, it becomes life or death. Mathew chapter 12 tells us that words are just the product of what really lies within our hearts. The scripture calls it either good treasure or evil treasure, but whichever it is it derives from the heart of a man or the true essence of who we are.

How many times have we said or heard someone say, “I didn’t mean to say that”. Yet, upon examining the scripture, this statement loses its validity. Of course there may be exceptions to the rule (mental illness), but in essence we must understand that words don’t operate on their own and there are no slip ups. Words flow from the well of our soul’s emotions and thoughts and reveal, sometimes things that we haven’t previously or properly addressed. Of course there are those of us who just say what we feel, say what we think.

Some wear this as a badge of honor, proclaiming “I speak my mind”, “I tell it like I see it”, or “I will say what needs to be said”. The internet has amplified this idea with its Facebook, Twitter, and so many other venues where we can express ourselves with many or few words. But oh how powerful and dangerous this freedom is as words have power: they kill and destroy, they give life and edify, they teach and inform, they deceive and entrap and the list goes on.

Watch your mouth for God will hold us accountable for every idle word. Go one step further and watch your thoughts from which your soul desires come. Watch your intake to ensure that good things have a home in your heart. The Psalmist said “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes” and we should add the ears to this as well. Don’t allow your vessel to be a deposit for bad words for evil communication does corrupt. Take the power of words today and use them to be a blessing to all you come in contact with. Watch your mouth and if anything comes out of it that is not pleasing to you and God, accept it and seek to change your heart. Your mouth is always revealing who you are, don’t ignore it.

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