I'm Full

"The grass looks greener on the other side" or so it appears. Such a common phrase and ideology that steals the joy of abundant living right from our hands. Why must we always look somewhere else for fulfillment, perceiving that what we have is not enough. So many of us live awaiting something better than what we have, hoping and dreaming or possibly disgruntled because of what we feel we can never have. It is a nasty human misconception that something "else" or "other" is needed to find satisfaction. It's so easy to spend life chasing your next thing: a better job, a bigger house, more money, extensive travel, fantasy relationships, status, education, etc., and not realize while frantically focusing on tomorrow, we miss the beauty of today.

Before age 10, we longed to be in the double digits. Upon finally becoming a teenager at 13, the excitement was short lived, only to be overshadowed by the new desire to hit 18, a milestone of maturity where some may consider us a grown-up. We rush through experiences with our focus locked on the "greener grass". Even as the fascination with age is long gone, it's easy to position ourselves to acquire more, belittling what we possess as we COMPARE (a dirty word) ourselves to others. In constant pursuit of that "greener grass", years race by leaving feelings regret regarding what was missed. And Oh, what we miss.

We miss the opportunity to stop and count our blessings. We miss the opportunity to conceptualize what we had in the past and have in the present. We miss the opportunity to bask in the beauty of missed moments, unable to squeeze the sweet juices from every occurrence. The opportunity to taste and see the goodness of that place in time is what we miss. We miss the opportunity to celebrate, thanking God for our "grass" and the hues of colorful splendor it yielded. It's not too late, however. So I invite you to sit on your life's lawn and rest. Rest from your labor, seeking fulfillment in foreign lands. Come sit and enjoy every beautiful blade that you have been given. Feel its soft texture embrace welcoming you to examine the vast variety of shapes, form and color that yield valuable life experiences. Don't miss the blessed bounty that lies beneath your bottom, securing you from tumultuous winds that toss your peace aimlessly to and fro.

God our creator has packed enough purpose in His plan for our lives and He doesn't want us to get sidetracked with empty longing, but desires that we explore what He has given and find fulfillment and joy in our own yard. "He has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness" is what the scripture tells us. This means that God has provided what we need in order to be fulfilled. We have the breath of life, living and breathing because of Him and we have been given the opportunity to experience spiritual new birth when we believe on His Son. This means all the bases are covered. We never have to live with the perspective of not having enough, but we can live FULL.

I am grateful for a new perspective regarding life, because of Him, I'm Full.

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