Don't Stay In The House

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Growing up as a child, I vividly remember my summers. It was a great time of adventure for me as we spent most of our days outdoors. My siblings and I played games, climbed trees and walked fences (which took great balance and skill). I especially loved to hang upside down from a tree limb and marvel at how the world looked from a different perspective. My favorite thing, however was the freedom to explore. What a breath of fresh air.

A close neighbor of ours had relatives (two girls) that would come and spend the summer with them. My four siblings and I loved to play with them (well, at least one of them). We anticipated their arrival each summer as we were anxious to expand activities of fun. The two girls were very different: Sam was extremely friendly and outgoing, Jane was quiet and shy. Our summers were enhanced because Sam was the ultimate inventor of new games, explorations and fun, while Jane stayed in the house.

We did all that was within our power to coerce Jane to come outside and play with us, but she refused. Every now and then, you could catch a glimpse of her viewing all of our fun from the window. A few times she would make her way to the front door and stand behind the screen door, seemingly contemplating whether she should join us on the outside or not. There were a few occasions where she would come out and stand on the porch, but never for too long and only to get a better look at what was going on. She was always very nice and would speak her hello’s in very soft tones, but as children we just didn’t understand why one would purposely miss out, why one would chose not to have relations with others or how one could sit by and, just watch. I now know as an adult that there could have been many reasons that kept Jane in the house: fear, poor self-esteem, lack of social skills, lack of trust, emotional pain etc.

Someone today is stuck in the house, afraid to come out and enjoy the beauty of the Lord. Someone is watching from the window, contemplating how it will feel to be on the outside. Bound by their fears and chained to their doubts, they travel through life without the joy of true fellowship and miss out on the vast destinations to explore. Is there an area in your life where you have become a spectator of life happening outside of you, while you peek through the window? Are you afraid to leave your safe place to explore new lands? God’s purpose for you is outside of the house! The house was designed to be a place of rest, a safe haven of familiarity where you can replenish yourself, but your purpose can not be fulfilled in the house. The purpose that God has for us is outside of the house. He wants us to relate with other individuals, share with others, love and touch others. Jesus was so locked-in on this idea that during His three year ministry, he didn’t have a designated house. The bible says that there was no place to lay his head. He was so focused on fulfilling his purpose that he stayed outside until the work was finished. He suffered bled and died outside of the house and He also arose from the grave with all power in His hands. This power, to operate outside of the house, He offers to us all.

You may have good reason for staying in the house. Your past may dictate your current location and keep you in the house, keep you from walking in your purpose (outside). Although, you may have been forced into the house by negativity or abuse; you no longer have to stay there. The great God, creator of all things, beckons to His beloved “Come Outside”. He whispers in your dreams and calls out to you in the night that there is greater on the outside. There is a way out. There is a door. The door to the outside is TRUST. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). Trust God as you make your way to the porch. Trust Him as you join with others without fear. There is no fear in trust. Trust God with your heart, with your gifts and His assignment. He will order your steps if you trust Him. Trust, that He knows who you are and has a plan for your life, a life to be lived outside of the house. Whatever you do, Don’t Stay In The House!!!!

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