Don't Move a Muscle

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

This once was a common phrase, although I don’t hear it much now. It reminds me of the occasion where Moses told the children of Israel to “stand still” and see the salvation of the Lord. This literally meant to stay in your position and watch what God will do. There is another scripture in Psalms that says, “be still and know that I am God”. This stillness has a different meaning than the previously mentioned verse in Genesis. It literally means to abandon or allow something to drop. Thus this stillness is a turning away from our own abilities or thoughts and yield to the will of God. Both meanings are spiritually DELICIOUS! Whether one needs to discontinue what they are doing and remain in a still position to see God work or one needs to abandon his agenda to avail himself to the knowledge of a holy God, “stillness” is the order of the day.

There is a time to move for and with God, but there is also a time to be still. As we walk with God we must learn to maximize both occasions (being active and still), taking advantage of each. The problem is, we live in a busy, face-paced world (filled with noise and distraction) and it can be challenging to get to a still, quiet place. Yet, we must strive daily to intentionally exercise this stillness muscle. It is in the stillness that we will see the mighty God at work. It is in the stillness we can hear and feel the Spirit’s leading, giving direction and revelation. When we are still, we surrender to the perfect will of God. It is here we really commune with him and are replenished and refreshed, when we release all control and become still before the Lord.

Take time today to become still before Him allowing Him to do a work in you…… While He is speaking and working, Don’t Move a Muscle.

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