Edy Campbell has been coaching individuals for over twenty years in different capacities.  From her experience as an educator, leader, counselor, mentor, friend, etc. she has developed and uses a coaching approach called the ATA process: Awareness, Tools, and Action, believing that every individual houses the power to effect positive change in their lives. 

Who is a good fit for coaching sessions:

  • Experiencing a challenging life issue

  • Having difficulty coping

  • Desiring assistance managing emotions properly

  • Looking for Christian counsel regarding an issue

  • Navigating through loss and change

  • Desiring to conquer a fear/phobia 

  • Starting a new adventure

  • Desiring personal growth

  • Experiencing stress and anxiety

  • Feeling stuck or unfulfilled

  • Desiring natural and spiritual growth

  • Needing to discuss and unpack incidents

  • Desiring to be free from emotional pain

Life Coach and Consultant rates per individual - $85 per hourly session

Rates for couples, families and groups to be determined by case.

Weekly, Bi-weekly,  & Monthly sessions available.


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When I thought I was drowning, going down for the last time, along came and angel and extended a hand and pulled me up.


It helped me uncover how fear came into my life and took hold of me.  Through my sessions, I was able to face the fear and make changes that gave me freedom.


These sessions have been a safe and loving space for me to open up and to navigate through difficult experiences, deep-seated issues, and painful thoughts and feelings.

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Not only has my perspective been changed for the better, but I have become more aware of myself as a whole…


Coach Campbell is a God-send. I would highly recommend her counseling services.”

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She has a unique process that cultivates accountability and promotes self-actualization.

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Be prepared to grow as you face mental and emotional giants on your journey to a healthier you.


She has the patience and brilliance for this work.